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Représentation au Luxembourg
Article d’actualité28 avril 2022Représentation au Luxembourg1 min de lecture

Equality: Commission marks the beginning of the 2022 European Diversity Month

Drapeaux européens

Tomorrow marks the first day of the European Diversity Month, aimed at raising awareness across the EU on the importance of inclusion and diversity in society and the workplace. Celebrated annually since 2020, it also honours the efforts made by organisations to help build equal and inclusive environments for the benefit of all.

This year’s theme focuses on building bridges. With this initiative, the Commission aims to encourage organisations from all sectors to build partnerships with NGOs, governmental institutions, the private sector and civil society organisations to strengthen diversity in different areas of inclusion policy. To enhance the mission of the European Diversity Month, the Commission is hosting the first ever European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Awards.

During the ceremony, the Jury panel will award eight local authorities across the EU for leading by example with their efforts to foster inclusive policies and promote diversity in their communities. Finalists will be awarded golden, silver and bronze medals across three categories: localities with less than 50,000 inhabitants, localities with over 50,000 inhabitants, and a specific award for inclusion of the Roma community.

An Opening Event for the 2022 Diversity Month will also be held on 29 April, inaugurated by Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli. Both the European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Awards and Opening Event are open to the public and will be livestreamed here. A press release to announce the Award winners will also be available this afternoon.


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28 avril 2022
Représentation au Luxembourg