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Représentation au Luxembourg
Fiche d’information25 mai 2023Représentation au Luxembourg

Open Vacancy at the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg

Open Vacancy REP LUX

Open Vacancy: Information and Communication Assistant

Job N° - 313641

Commission Representation in Luxembourg – COMM.DGA1.C.LU, Luxembourg

Ref.: COMM REP LUX/001/2023

Publication: from 17/05/2023 to 02/06/2023 until 12.00 hours noon Brussels time


We are

The Commission Representation in Luxembourg is part of the DG Communication network of offices in all 27 Member States. Our key tasks include political reporting and networking; cooperation and liaising with the media; and implementation of the Commission's communication priorities, in particular, reaching citizens. Our activities are especially designed to stimulate an informed debate on EU matters. In order to encourage a perception of the institutions and workings of the Union as a whole, the Representation works in close cooperation with the government at national and regional level, Parliament, and civil society as well as the Information Office of the EP.

We propose

DG COMM is looking for a new colleague to carry out the duties of Information and Communication Assistant at the Luxembourg Representation. The job involves the planning, coordination, implementation and follow-up of press and communication actions, an understanding of the preparation and follow-up of financial commitments for such actions and management of budgetary resources for communication activities would be appreciated. The work will be particularly focused on relations with the Luxembourg media and managing the office's social media channels. Other key tasks are to build and maintain contacts with key external partners at national, regional and local levels, and to contribute to the development of the Representation's press and communication activities.

We look for

Applicants should have good media communication skills and be able to reach out effectively to the Representation's key partners, stakeholders and audiences in Luxembourg. A knowledge and experience of financial procedures, including tendering and contract management would be useful. Experience of working with the media and developing a strong social media profile is required. The ability to plan and to work effectively in a team is essential as is a good eye for detail.

Applicants should be self-starting and dynamic. Experience and proven ability as an excellent public speaker would be an asset.

Given the need to interact with key external partners in Luxembourg, at regional and local level, in the context of the press and communication activities, applicants must have a good command of English and/or French; a good working knowledge of Luxembourgish is an asset.


Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for the post, the candidate must, as a minimum, fulfil the following conditions:

  1. be a national of one of the Member States of the Union and enjoy his/her full rights as a citizen;
  2. to have fulfilled any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws concerning military service;
  3. produce the appropriate character references as to his/her suitability for the performance of his/her duties;
  4. be physically fit to perform his/her duties; and
  5. produce evidence of a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the Union and of a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the Union to the extent necessary for the performance of his duties.

In addition, candidates must have at least:

  1. A level of post-secondary education of at least 2 years attested by a diploma, followed by at least 3 years' professional experience in Information and Communication activities, of which a minimum of 3 years in the chosen field and related to the duties as described in this call or
  2. Secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education followed by at least 6 years' professional experience in Information and Communication activities, of which a minimum of 3 years in the chosen field and related to the duties as described in this call.

The professional experience requested for the selection procedures above may have been gained, for example, in private companies, in international organisations and/or bodies, EU institutions and/or agencies, national and/or regional administrations, academia, research institutes, industry, non-governmental organisations or as a self-employed activity and will only be taken into account if it:

  • constitutes genuine and effective work,
  • is remunerated,
  • involves a subordinate relationship or the supply of a service, and
  • is subject to the following conditions:
  • traineeships: if remunerated,
  • compulsory military service: completed before or after the required diploma for a period not exceeding the statutory duration in your Member State,
  • maternity/paternity/adoption leave: if covered by an employment contract,
  • doctorate: for a maximum of 3 years, provided the doctorate was actually obtained, and whether or not the work was remunerated, and
  • part-time work: calculated pro-rata on the basis of the number of hours worked, e.g. half-time for 6 months would count as 3 months.


Selection procedure

No applications will be accepted after the closing date of the vacancy.

The selection panel will choose a limited number of candidates for interview, based on the CV and motivation letter that they submitted.

Due to the large volume of applications received only candidates selected for interview will be notified.

Should they be chosen, candidates will be requested, as part of the actual recruitment procedure, to supply documentary evidence, in original, in support of the statements made in the application.

For functional reasons and in order to complete the selection procedure as quickly as possible in the interest of the candidates as well as that of the institution, the selection procedure will be carried out in English and/or French only.

Should a position be offered, candidates will be required to undergo a mandatory pre­recruitment medical check-up, carried out by the Commission medical service.


Type of contract

The successful candidate will be engaged as a temporary agent under Article 2(b) of the CEOS in function group AST, grade 1.

He/she will be classified depending on the length of his/her previous professional experience, in accordance with Commission Decision C(2013)8970.

The duration of the contract is for three years.

Applicants should note the requirement under the Staff Regulations for all new staff to complete successfully a nine-month probationary period.

For any further information on contractual and working conditions, please refer to the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities, which are available at the following link:



The pay of staff members consists of a basic salary supplemented with specific allowances, including, where applicable, expatriation and family allowances. The provisions guiding the calculation of these allowances can be consulted in the Conditionsof Employment of Other Servants.

The place of employment will be in Luxembourg.


How to apply

The interested candidates should send their CV + motivation letter respecting the deadline of the vacancy to the following email address:


Please mention in the subject of your application the title of the job “COMM REP LUX 001/2023 -  Information and Communication Assistant”



Candidates have the right to submit complaints under Article 90(2) of the Staff Regulations, should they wish to challenge any act adversely affecting them taken during this procedure. Such complaints may be addressed to the Appeals and Case Monitoring Unit of DG HR ( ).


Equal opportunities

The European Commission applies a policy of equal opportunities and non-discrimination in accordance with Article 1d of the Staff Regulations


Data Protection

Candidates who applied for a vacant post but were not selected, will have their CV’s stored in the HR database for a period of 12 (twelve) months in case other opportunities open in the future. This processing falls under the headhunting policy of DG HR and is covered by DP record DPR-EC-08551

For information related to Data Protection, please see the Specific Privacy Statement


Date de publication
25 mai 2023
Représentation au Luxembourg