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Article d’actualité23 septembre 20211 min de lecture

Conference on the Future of Europe: Second European Citizens' Panel kicking off tomorrow

Conférence sur l'avenir de l'Europe ; Le premier des quatre panels de citoyens européens
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The Conference on the Future of Europe is in full swing. The second of four European Citizens' Panels will meet for the first time tomorrow, 24 September, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg until Sunday, 26 September. The 200-citizen Panel will meet three times in total to debate European democracy, values, rights, the rule of law, and security. The European Citizens' Panels are a central feature of the Conference organised by the Parliament, the Council and the Commission based on their Joint Declaration. It is about offering European citizens a central role in shaping the future of the EU, and giving them a unique opportunity to debate on Europe's challenges and priorities. The Panels' deliberations take into account citizens' contributions collected from across Europe on the Multilingual Digital Platform, and are supported by prominent academics and external experts. For more information on how to follow this weekend's Panel, see here.

Last weekend, the first European Citizens' Panel held its first meeting in Strasbourg, where close to 200 citizens from across the EU debated topics related to a stronger economy, social justice, jobs, education, youth, culture, sport, and the digital transformation. During this Panel, the participants created their vision on the future of Europe by 2050 and established the five streams of topics on which to focus their deliberations: working in Europe; an economy for the future; a just society; learning in Europe; and an ethical and safe digital transformation. 20 citizens from among the panelists will represent each Panel in the Plenary.

For information on the European Citizens' Panels in general, see here.


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23 septembre 2021