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Article d’actualité12 août 20211 min de lecture

Mergers: Commission refers the assessment of the acquisition by CVC of MeGa to Germany

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The European Commission has referred to the German national competition authority (Bundeskartellamt) the assessment of the proposed acquisition by CVC Capital Partners SICAV-FIS (‘CVC') of Luxembourg of sole control over sister companies MeGa Grundbesitz GmbH and Gable Holding GmbH, including its subsidiary Melle Gallhöfer Dach GmbH (all together, ‘MeGa'), all of Germany.

MeGa is a retailer and distributor mostly of heavy building materials including, in particular, roofing and façade materials, with 48 branches across Germany. CVC is, through its subsidiary Stark Deutschland GmbH and under brand names such as Raab Karcher, active in the retail and distribution mostly of heavy building materials with approximately 215 branches and distribution centers throughout Germany.

The German competition authority asked the Commission to refer the proposed concentration to it. It considers that the transaction may threaten to significantly affect competition in a number of local markets for the retail distribution of building materials (in particular roofing and façade materials) in Germany, which present all the characteristics of distinct markets. The evidence gathered by the Commission confirmed that the conditions for a referral under Article 9 of the EU Merger Regulation were fulfilled and that the German competition authority is best placed to assess the effects of the transaction in Germany. The Commission has therefore decided to refer the case to Germany. The German authorities will deal with the case under national law.

More information is available on the Commission's competition website, in the public case register under the case number M.10235.


Date de publication
12 août 2021