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Représentation au Luxembourg
Article d’actualité26 septembre 2023Représentation au Luxembourg2 min de lecture

Major online platforms report on first six months under the new Code of Practice on Disinformation

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Today, the major online platforms which are signatories of the new Code of Practice  on Disinformation of 2022 (Google, Meta, Microsoft, TikTok) published new reports on how they turned their commitments to reduce the spread of disinformation into practice. Available to download on the Transparency Centre, the documents show further efforts by signatories to enhance transparency and provide relevant data. Having committed to report every six months, this is the first set of reporting that covers a full half-year period.

Věra Jourová, Vice-President for Values and Transparency, said: “Disinformation is still one of the greatest risks to the European democratic information space, including that related to Russia's war in Ukraine and elections. As Europeans will prepare to head to polling stations in 2024, all actors must do their part in fighting online disinformation and foreign interference to protect our online debate. The Code proves to be a useful exercise, but we all have to do more. I call for the platforms' full engagement in applying the commitments they took under the Code to help ensure resilience of democracy.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market, added: “Integrity of election is one of our priorities for the enforcement of the Digital Services Act, as we are entering a period of elections in Europe. In this exercise we are building on our internal expertise, developed over the years also thanks to the experience with the Code of Practice on Disinformation. The reports published today provide important insights on how platforms are fighting online disinformation and will inform our assessment of the measures VLOPs put in place to comply with the DSA.” 

The reports show that platforms are making improvements in providing more granular and insightful data, closing some data gaps. However, further efforts are needed to provide more targeted, complete, and meaningful data. Additionally, signatories reported about their efforts to provide safeguards regarding new generative AI systems and features on their services. The reports also include a dedicated chapter on Ukraine-related disinformation. The next set, expected early 2024, will feature a specific chapter on countering disinformation around elections.

The reports are accompanied by a new initial set of Structural Indicators, providing additional insights into disinformation on online platforms and the Code's impact in reducing its spread. The Commission expects signatories to continue their work by expanding and fine-tuning reporting in the future.

More information is available here. The press statement of Vice-President Jourova on the meeting with the Code of Practice on Disinformation Signatories is here.


Date de publication
26 septembre 2023
Représentation au Luxembourg